24 year old daughter of Apollo, Shadowhunter, cat person, dog lover, music and car enthusiast.
Doctor Who, Hufflepuff, Harry Potter supporter.
Snail mail, christian, sing away my troubles, silver lining kind of girl. <3
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Your aura is silver. A silver aura shows that a soul contains much experience and knowledge. You’ve probably been called an old soul. Because you’re good at nurturing and encouraging others, friends come to you when they need advice. Although you tend to serve as a mentor or guide in relationships, you are especially receptive to new ideas and unheard-of possibilities.

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I think mine fits me well. <3

France is not just Paris.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
music0is0art music0is0art Said:

Yes please! Come off annon. <3

I really want a penpal. Maybe it’s because I lost a really good friend of mine. Or maybe I’m just alone too much, being trapped in the house. Two old people are not enough to keep my sanity. Let’s draw pictures, letters. Something!